La Frisa FRA

a new way to see food 

Genuine Italian pop-up store and street food concept

Italian Market Heilbronn

Dolce Vita in Heilbronn. Beim Italienischen Markt verwandelt sich der Heilbronner Kiliansplatz in den "Piazza Kilian". Lebhafte italienische Händler bieten mediterrane und traditionelle italienische Köstlichkeiten wie Käse, Wurst, Obst, Antipasti, Öl, Brot, Wein, Süßwaren und vieles mehr zum Kauf an. Genießen Sie bei einem Espresso, einem guten Glas Wein, den bekannten "Dolce", Pasta oder Pizza, mitten im pulsierenden Marktleben, die stimmungsvolle Atmosphäre Italiens. Dabei spannen sich die Sonnensegel wie ein Baldachin über den Platz.

Tanzen oder mitsingen heißt es dann am Freitag- und Samstagabend bei italienischer Musik:
Do. 01.09. und Sa. 17 bis 19 Uhr Vito Villetta.
Der Solomusiker mit akustischer Gitarre und Gesang bringt italienische, englische und deutsche Songs aus Rock, Pop, Folk und Traditional zu Gehör.
Fr. 02.09 20 bis 22 Uhr Pizzico di Sole. 
Die Band bringt mit ihren Songs, eine Mischung aus Pop, Jazz und Latin, die Sonne ins Herz.
Sa. 03.09 20 bis 22 Uhr Sweet Italy


We are glad to announce that we are going to be part of CRAFT FESTIVAL the next big event about different craft beer, wines & street food in Frankfurt am Main at Stadionbad.  

Come over and enjoy our Frisa or Rustico food with some IPA beer! Reserve your ticket now. See you there !


We are glad to announce that we will be represent #Puglia with our products Wine&Food on 02-03 July at the #Italienischermarkt in #Stadtallendorf.

Don't miss this beautiful festival! See you there!

Thanks to #Itkam #Stadtallendorf #streetfood #pugliafood


Dear friends,

It's that time again, before spring arrives, to invite you to our first Pop Up Brunch/Aperitivo event of the year. Next stop will be on 13.03.2022 from 10 am to 06 pm at dori_frankfurt who has given us the opportunity to be in a beautiful corner of Frankfurt. There will be the opportunity to taste our products with a special atmosphere, all in different locations in the heart of Frankfurt. As it will be a closed society trade, the places will be limited. Pre-registration by email or whatsapp is therefore requested. There will be a selection of products from the culinary tradition of Puglia, such as sweet and savoury pastries, pasta dishes, wines from the region (which unfortunately cannot be consumed on site) and much more...The whole assortment will be completely veggie and vegan, can also be pre-ordered up to 48 hours in advance by email or phone and picked up on the days. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Keep safe and eat healthy !

How to prepare "La Frisa" 

La Frisa: what is it?

La Frisa is an alternative bread which can be a new trend in our daily food choices. The oldest Italian vegan receipt, to be eat mainly in summer as the tradition suggests.

 Instructions: how it works?

Just dampen the Frisa under cold running water or put it in a plate leaving the bread for 60 seconds, be careful not to soak it too much. 

Fresh food anywhere.

For a classic Frisa you just need to rub tomato into the bread and season with oil, salt and oregano. Then enjoy eating it with your hands like a Bruschetta If you can !

  bread for future. 

Frisa can be eated  anytime, you can store Frisa up to six months. You will always have an alternative bread. Without wasting food.

Apulian flavours

"The cuisine of  Puglia comes from both the land and sea. Its ingredients reflect the nature of the region, coming together in dishes that are " simple" in the noblest sense of the word". cit. Puglia in Cucina  

Our roots, our Mission:

We want to spread this food culture as a new way to see and eat food. Our mission is to support small bio producers in the south of Italy, mainly located in Apulia, who choose to keep authenticy and quality at the first place. Further we will use a part of our income to help animal associations and NGOs. For us human and animal rights are priorities. It is a pleasure for me to start this journey in the whole europe with all this goals, letting people try out this genuine food helping meanwhile some speechless life somewhere where we can't be.

Francesco S.

La Frisa is not only about food 

We would like to change the way to see, prepare and eat food, as a revolution and resource for our health.


An "Aperitivo italiano 

ma vegano "Once a month.


Wine&Food tasting Gourmet in combination with some music entertainment .


 Food combined with art events. We are available to propose our food in museums or art galleries.

Next Events 

Mercatino Italiano 


Stadtallendorf, Deutschland 



Craft Festival


Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland 



Mercato Italiano


Heilbronn, Deutschland